TrackM2M Provides...

  • GPS Tracking for trucks, trailers, construction, ...

  • eLog/ELD for heavy trucks

  • IFTA data collection and processing

  • TomTom Bridge for trucks

  • Vehicle/asset Management Platforms

  • Many packages and options to fit your business

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GPS Telematics
TrackM2M is a North American service provider for GPS vehicle/asset tracking, certified e-Logging, fleet management tools and IFTA reporting. From complete ready-to-go packages to customized solutions, TrackM2M helps its clients find the best solutions at reasonable costs.

GPS Tracking
TrackM2M provides the hardware, software and mobility services that allow clients to track a variety of vehicles and assets.

From Simple...
Last known location of equipment.

To Complex...
Real-time tracking systems featuring map traces, zones, alerts, OBD data, e-Logs, in-cab map / traffic reports, IFTA and utilization reporting.

TrackM2M covers a wide spectrum of applications suitable for different industries.
e-Log / ELD
TrackM2M provides FMCSA certified e-Logging systems. The VisTracks app for Android and Apple phones/tablets implements a complete e-Log system compliant with ELD mandates in USA and Canada. With multi-language support (Spanish, French), this app includes additional features beyond ELD requirements such as integrated DVIR (Driver-Vehicle Inspection Reports), integrated photo documents and IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement).

TomTom Bridge
TrackM2M offers the TomTom "Bridge" in-cab maps (including lifetime map updates), navigation, integrated eLog/ELD, real-time traffic reports and cradle for quick removal and continuous charging power.

VisualM2M Management Platform
VisualM2M is an asset management platform provided by TrackM2M where client managers and administrators can view GPS tracking data on maps and in reports. The platform provides maps, asset lists, zones, alerts, reports, statistics, trip data, IFTA reports and more.

Why Choose TrackM2M ?
  • A broad selection of packages and options to meet the specific requirements of your business.

  • All systems function in both USA and Canada without compromise.

  • Excellent quality, thoroughly tested hardware and software systems at reasonable prices.

  • No long term contracts and unlocked hardware offer customers the choice to switch to another provider any time and long term protection of their investment.

  • The possibility of customized solutions to further enhance system integration and business efficiency.

Select the Components You Need

Build your system from several components that function independently and combine components in numerous ways to achieve a system with capability beyond the sum of its parts.

Start with the components that achieve regulatory compliance and gradually add new components over time as your business grows and faces new operational efficiency's up to you.

TrackM2M has the modules, options and flexibility to scale with your business.
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Come visit TrackM2M at TRUCK WORLD 2018, International Centre, Mississauga, Canada on April 19-21, BOOTH #1918.

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