TrackM2M specializes in GPS vehicle tracking systems for transport truck fleets, construction equipment fleets and light truck fleets. However, these tracking systems can also be used in cars, smart phones and any other equipment with an electrical charging system (there are also some options for equipment without an electrical charging system). TrackM2M can build customized solutions for specific requirements.

Going by such a variety of names such as... (Global Positioning System) GPS tracking services, vehicle tracking systems, asset tracking, geo-tracking, GPS telemetry, geo-telemetry systems, (Machine to machine) M2M tracking, M2M telemetry systems... to name a few, TrackM2M's goal is to bring highly automated, cutting edge turn-key solutions to customers in a world that is now shaping up around the Internet of Things (IoT). TrackM2M implements established web-based data management software solutions configured for customer requirements as well as customized software solutions and data system interfaces for customers who require more specialized solutions. IoT (Internet of Things) is about removing human effort where ever it makes sense to do so...having machines work for humans, not the other way around.

Let TrackM2M be your guide in navigating today's technology.